how did aboderie start?

After the birth of my little boy, I found myself poring over the internet for tid-bits of information on how to manage the hundreds of things that have to get done. Given my love for efficiency, I wanted to look after our home the same way I'd done my previous job - with efficiency. Homemaking is not easy, as any of you who do it every day will know!

Here's the thing - in the past, homemakers would have had actual lessons on how to do it. There were books and magazines and meetings (looking at you, WI!) to help stay-at-home mums to do their jobs well. But as the proportion of mums staying at home has declined, so have the resources to help them. That's not a problem, I have so much (SO MUCH!) love and respect for all the working mums in my life. But what about those of us who want to be professional mums? Those who want to make staying at home something they do well?

“It's sad if people think that [homemaking] is a dull existence, you can't just buy an apartment and furnish it and walk away. It's the flowers you choose, the music you play, the smile you have waiting. I want it to be gay and cheerful, a haven in this troubled world. I don't want my husband and children to come home and find a rattled woman. Our era is already rattled enough, isn't it?”

Audrey Hepburn

That's what I dream aboderie will be about. I hope it will be about the things you make for your family - clothes, homewear, delicious food. I hope it will be about being a mother - the highs and the lows. I hope it will be about you and your journey to making the home you want for your loved ones.