4 ways my second pregnancy is different to the first : first trimester


If you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook (which by the way, you should!) then you may not have heard our exciting news - baby number 2 is on the way!!

It took a little while for my body to get back to normal after Clem, so we waited a while for this bean. All of which is to say, we are very excited indeed! Babe is due in January 2020, so we're planning a quiet Christmas at home and will be praying they stay inside until after the festivities are over.

I'm now on week 18 and to say this pregnancy has been different is an understatement! I expected the two to differ slightly, but so far they couldn’t be further apart. When I had Clem, I definitely felt more like the glowing and happy version of pregnant; this time my body is struggling to cope.

Now that I've passed the end of the first trimester, I thought I'd look back at how this pregnancy compares with the first. Hopefully this might help any of you planning another pregnancy.

Toddler sitting on pregnant baby bump
Pregnant lady smiling and looking away

1. More sickness

This was a huge surprise to me. I'd always thought that you were either the type of person who got morning sickness or didn't, and with Clem I felt quite relieved that I wasn't one of the unlucky ones. How wrong I was! This time round, since about week 7, I've thrown up every day at least once and sometimes several times. I know some ladies have it way worse, but it still takes its toll when it's a daily problem. Thankfully for the last 3 weeks I've been taking anti-sickness tablets from the GP, so I'm finally able to have a relatively nausea-free day.

Having read up on old wives' tales, it looks like sickness is generally associated with having a little girl, and I'm really hoping that might be true. I'd be thrilled with another boy, but a girl would be wonderful (one of each!)

2. More tiredness

If you'd asked me during my last pregnancy if it were possible to feel more tired, I would have given you a resounding no. But that’s exactly what’s happened. Being pregnant at work was hard, but it's nothing compared to being pregnant with a toddler all day. Clem's energy is boundless, and I'm really struggling to keep up with him a lot of the time. That's meant he's ended up watching more TV here and there, but I'm chalking it up to survival. 

Thankfully, being a stay-at-home mum means I can nap every day with Clem, and I've been making the most of that. It's been a little bit hard to lose my free time in the middle of the day to get things done, but when the choice is between a lack of sleep or a slightly dirtier house, I think it’s a no-brainer.


i didn’t know it was possible to feel more tired than i did in my last pregnancy


3. Faster growing bump

I'd heard that bumps grow quicker the second time round, but I did not expect it to go this quickly! I've been feeling quite nervous that I'm going to have a huge baby, because the bump seems so much larger than it did last time. I'd say that it feels like I'm four weeks ahead of where I was with Clem, so my bump at 18 weeks feels like 14 weeks then. I've had to work on not feeling self-conscious about it. When you're pregnant it can feel like everyone's judging your body, but in reality I think people only comment because they care.

4. More excitement

While I know I won't love this baby any more than I love Clem, this time round I've definitely been more excited to meet them! With Clem, I was looking forward to being a mum, but I didn't really know what to expect and felt a lot of trepidation. Now, I feel like I know what to expect, both positive and negative, and while it won't be easy having a newborn again, I'm sure the positives will outweigh the negatives. Every time I see a friend with a tiny baby, I get so excited for newborn cuddles and that amazing smell that only a new baby has. I can't wait to meet you little one!

How did your second pregnancy compare to the first? I'd love to know!

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