7 alternatives to wall art that will up your interiors game


Do you ever look at photos of styled homes in magazines and wonder how they manage to make them look so interesting? There is often a je ne sais quoi that only interior designers seem to achieve. While I’m no interior designer, I’ve noticed that it’s often the details in the decor that give it that mysterious appeal. Us non-design folk (me!) might only tend to think of art on the walls and stop there, but we forget that there are so many other ways to bring beauty into our homes. Here are 7 alternatives to wall art that will left a space to the next level. And by the way, most of them are cheaper than art too!



navy blue + speckles = dreamy!


Wallpaper & wall stickers



such beautiful colours!



you can hang these or use them to store little things



i love finding independent designers

Tapestries & wall hangings

beautiful for a little girl’s room!