11 pieces of affordable, beautiful wall art


I love art. Even the most boring room can be completely changed with a picture or two. And even better, if you use a piece as inspiration for the decor in the rest of the room, it can pull everything together in a way nothing else can. Over the years we have curated our own little collection of wall art, but since we’ve moved into a bigger house and are planning a huge renovation project, I’m thinking ahead to filling even more walls with beauty. Here are 11 pieces of affordable art that I’ve found so far and am hoping I can add to our collection soon.

Affordable beautiful art

7. Calendula in a Glass Jar by Rosemary Lewis
8. Head by Pablo Picasso
9. Kiss by Pablo Picasso
10. Lemons & Stripes by Kathy Hutton
11. Plus des Fleurs Saisonieres by Holly Wojahn

1. Mandarin by Claire Spencer
2. Seaside Resort in the South of France by Paul Klee
3. Indigo Mustard by irtsya
4. Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse
5. The Piano : 1943 by Patrick Heron
6. Cast a Light (5) by Tracy White Fitzgerald

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