In-depth review of Bare & Boho One Size Nappy


When I first saw Bare & Boho reusable nappies on Instagram, it was love at first sight! But there is no use buying a load of beautiful nappies if they don’t also perform well, especially when they are some of the more expensive options out there. To help you decide whether these gorgeous Aussie nappies are worth your hard-earned money, I’ve reviewed them in detail. 

I tested the hemp version of this nappy on my 22 month old boy over the space of about a month. If my opinions change over time I’ll update this post to let you know. The pictures here were taken after the nappy had been washed a couple of times so you can see how it looks after washing.


The facts

The Bare & Boho One Size Nappy is an all-in-two reusable nappy that’s made up of a PUL waterproof cover, snap-in soaker, and booster. There are two versions available - one with a soaker that’s 55% hemp and 45% cotton, and the other where the soaker is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. With both versions, the booster is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. As with any all-in-two, if the cover isn’t dirty when you come to change the nappy, you can simply switch out the soaker and/or booster, both of which you can purchase more separately. The nappy has a popper (snap) closures. 

The hemp version retails for £24 and the bamboo for £22. Extra soakers are £8.95 for hemp and £7.95 for bamboo. You can get 10% off these prices if you buy at The Nappy Gurus and use the code ‘ABODERIE’ at the check out.

These birth-to-potty nappies have three rows of rise snaps and are designed to fit from 10 - 35lbs (5 - 16kg). A mini version is also available, though I haven’t tested it.

Bare & Boho recommend washing the cover at 30° and the inserts at 60°. Personally I have never had a problem with PUL degrading when washed at 60°, but be aware that doing this may invalidate the 6 month warranty. The soakers can be tumble dried, though as with all nappies tumble drying too regularly may shorten their life.

What it does well

Absorbency: With the exception of fitted nappies, this is one of the most absorbent nappies I’ve tried, especially considering how trim it is. I tested the hemp version of the nappy and  found the soaker alone was enough for the day, and with the bamboo booster it even lasted the night. This excellent absorbency seems to be partly down to the design of the soaker, which feels dense but isn’t bulky. While I haven’t tested the bamboo version, I have heard that it isn’t quite as absorbent as the hemp.

Appearance: The prints are beautiful, and will particularly appeal if you’re into natural and earthy colours which tend to be uncommon in reusable nappies. The nappies are also pretty slim.

Design and construction: It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing and producing these nappies. The elastics appear to be strong (though time will tell how they wear) and stitching is neatly finished. The double gusset contains even my toddler’s epic poos. What’s more, the soakers are shaped and have their own mini double gusset effect - this is rare on the market and is excellent for containing poos to the soaker and allowing you to reuse the cover. As with any all-in-two, this nappy may look a little intimidating to new cloth nappy users or childcare settings, but in reality it is very straightforward and shouldn’t cause any problems at change time.

Fit: Small details in the design helped me achieve a really good fit. This is the first nappy I’ve seen with two snaps at the hip, which is particularly helpful for fitting on a variety of leg shapes and preventing wing droop. Another small detail is that the groin of the nappy is reasonably slender, which worked very well for our boy with chunkier thighs and narrower hips, though I don’t think this would rule out little ones of different shapes.


it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing these nappies


What it doesn’t do well

Drying time: The downside of excellent absorbency is that the soaker and booster take a while to dry. On a warm day outside they took about 15 hours to line dry, while indoors they took longer than 24 hours. They dried slower than my Tots Bots Easyfits (a bamboo all-in-one) and even my Tots Bots Bamboozles (a bamboo fitted nappy). Bare & Boho say the soaker and insert can be tumble dried, which is great if you need a clean nappy in a pinch. Though as with all reusable nappies it’s worth limiting tumble drying if you can, as it can wear them faster and isn’t great for the environment. While I haven’t tried the bamboo soaker, other nappy gurus have mentioned that it dries slower than the hemp.

Price: All of that absorbency comes at a cost, and these are very expensive nappies. It is worth considering that you do get both a soaker and a booster included in the price, which is more than you get with other comparable and cheaper nappies. Also, if you know your little one is an infrequent poo-er, you also have the option of buying only a few full nappies and a bunch of extra soakers, which would work out cheaper. All of that being said, this definitely isn’t a cheap option.

overall view

This is an excellent nappy, though will only be practical if you are able to wait for it to dry. That means having the facilities to line or tumble dry, having a large enough stash that you don’t mind waiting longer, or using it alongside faster drying nappies (such as pockets or prefolds). If you already have a fast drying option in your stash, this would be a fantastic addition for situations where you need the assurance of zero leaks - the combination of absorbency and the double gusset makes for one of the most bomb-proof day nappies out there. 

My fear for these nappies was that I would just be paying for pretty designs and they wouldn’t perform well. In reality, I couldn’t be more wrong! While costly, these nappies are excellently designed and made, and in my opinion, are worth the money. Bear in mind that the booster included in the price isn’t strictly necessary for normal day use, though essentially means that these can also be used at night. This means it’s worth asking yourself whether you are willing to pay extra for the flexibility of night use, or use for a (very) heavy wetter. 

Finally, if you’re going to buy, skip the bamboo version and go for the hemp version - although it’s £2 more, the soaker is more absorbent and dries quicker, which is a no-brainer.

Where to buy

I bought mine from The Nappy Gurus, though these have been so popular that they are selling out within hours. More stock is due in early September, so keep an eye on my Instagram for announcements. You can get 10% off if you use the code ‘ABODERIE’ at the check out.

I have an ongoing relationship with The Nappy Gurus, but this nappy was purchased with my own money and the article is not sponsored. This page contains affiliate links, which earn me a little bit of commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!